Mattei 2000 Series Compressors


These rotary vane compressors with installed power from 30 to 55 kW are available in ERC, sound reducing AC and AC PLUS versions. PLUS version is equipped with refrigerant dryer with ecological gas.


These compressors are designed for industrial use and to deliver constant performances 24 hours a day and 12 months a year. Mattei compressors' running often exceeds 100,000 working hours. The 2000 Series is equipped with an exclusive state-of-theart computerised controller, Maestro.

This system automatically controls, monitors and programmes the unit's operation, and can be connected to a PC for a remote control. If connected to other compressed air packages equipped with Maestro, the unit can become master of a compressed air plant, thus saving on the installation of a superior controller.

Maestro can be interfaced via web or cellular technology to provide remote service monitoring.

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