Mattei 8000 Series Compressors


Mattei's rotary vane compressors with power installed from 160 to 250 kW are designed for industrial use 24 hours a day. Mattei designed the 8000 Series to deliver high performance and excellent reliability, in line with Mattei's long tradition.


The 8000 Series' compressors are aluminium-made and can dispose of heat efficiently and lastingly, even at high room temperatures (until 40°C). Outlet compressed air temperature is just 10 K higher than room temperature.

A significant amount of the energy used to compress air (approximately 80%) is dissipated as heat. Therefore, recovering this energy means saving energy.

Mattei has designed heat recovery kits to heat water for sanitary or process uses. These kits consist of water/oil heat exchangers, a thermostatic valve and a hydraulic system and are integrated in the compressor air cooling system. This enables the installation to control oil temperature autonomously and protect itself from any water flow reduction or in case of overheating.

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