Mattei Lubricated Boosters

Mattei MBL (Lubricated High-Pressure Boosters)

lubricated boosters

The Mattei MBL (lubricated high-pressure boosters) series , electric motor driven, increase up to 45 bar the air coming from the normal industrial compressed air at 6‐8 bar; It is single stage design (two stages version are available for pressure above 35 bar), air‐cooled cylinders and low revolution speed.


Those machine are suitable both for air, nitrogen and other gases. Mattei MBL series is mounted on a steel base, includes V‐belts transmission, idle/load automatic system, safety valve on discharge pressure and no‐return valve.

Advantages of MBL Boosters

  • Compact dimensions and low rated power
  • Low energy consumption, because boosters is utilized only when high pressure air is demanded
  • The industrial compressed air plant remains unchanged, installing the booster close to the applications

Main applications of MBL Boosters

  • Blowing PET plastic bottles
  • Pressure testing of reservoirs, heat exchangers and other equipments
  • Driving of presses
  • Driving of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders

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