Side Channel Blowers

Series SM – SMR - SMT Side Channel Blowers

side channel blowers

The “heart” of the blower is an impeller inside a toroidal channel. Subjected to centrifugal force, the fluid flows into the channel, which, due to its shape, immediately pushes it toward the roots of the impeller vanes. In such a way, the fluid undergoes a new acceleration and assumes a helicoidal trajectory along with a progressive increase in energy.


Mattei side channel blowers can find applications in the most varied sectors: water purification, drying systems, industrial suction, pneumatic conveying for production and manufacturing, the food and pharmaceutical industries, textiles, aerospace, medical, agricultural, etc.

Mattei’s blower range ensures better performances, efficiency and reliability: the best you can have in order to achieve significant energy savings.
Mattei SM - SMR - SMT range.

  • Maximum pressure 1850mbar (Abs)
  • Maximum vacuum - 500mbar (Abs)
  • Flow up to 2600 m3/h
  • No wearing parts / maintenance free operation
  • No pulsations in the conveyed fluid
  • Extremely modular and easy to install
  • Availability of special surface treatments
  • Customizations and/or construction specifications to meet the customer’s needs and requirements

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