Mattei Compressed Air Products

Mattei's rotary vane air compressors are the result of continuous innovation and advanced design capabilities. The low rotational speed of the compressor unit found only in vane technology, the high volumetric efficiency and the complete absence of roller or thrust bearings, result in energy savings of over 15% compared to other rotary compressors.


All Mattei's compressors have a 1:1 ratio between the electric motor speed and that of the airend. This means greater energy efficiency and higher performances. Compared to other technologies, rotary vane compressors guarantee a superior internal air seal, together with a consistent and long lasting performance.

Safety and Reliability

The integrated design, direct coupling, low rotational speed and the limited number of moving parts ensure Mattei's rotary vane air compressors remain safer, more durable and therefore more reliable over time.

Low Operating Costs and Low Maintenance

Mattei's rotary vane compressors are designed to reach 100,000 hours life without the need to replace any blades or other metal parts. The long operating life of a Mattei compressor is assured by high quality machining which is the essence of rotary vane air compressors.


Mattei's rotary vane air compressors are quiet and can be located almost anywhere. They are quickly installed and take up a limited amount of space. Their accessible design makes maintenance operations simple and straightforward.

Quality of the Air

All Mattei's compressors are fi tted with a generously sized fi ltering system, which guarantees quality compressed air suitable for any use. Mattei's very effi cient, multi-stage oil separation system produces an exceptionally low lubricant carry-over.