Mattei Spare Parts and After Sales

Our engineers are experienced and fully trained by Mattei Italy to work on all models of compressors and we carry a comprehensive range of spare parts so that work is usually completed with one visit.

  • Fully trained engineers.
  • Fast response, co-ordinated by our central service headquarters.
  • Service plans to suit your particular circumstances.
  • Large parts inventory, ensuring we have the part you need.
  • The backing of a compressor manufacturer with more than 90 years experience and a reputation for excellence.

MyCare Extended Warranty

For customers willing to benefit from a six-year ALL INCLUSIVE warranty on their air compression systems Mattei offers MyCare 6 service.

Mattei rotary compressors, thanks to the innovative vane technology, are designed to operate more than 100,000 hours, with no component replacement and no significant overhaul required. Moreover, thanks to the periodic check of the systems, high operating performance and low energy consumption are maintained. Correct maintenance performed at regular intervals is the simplest way to ensure your compressor an optimum life cycle.

To this end Mattei, sure of the quality and reliability of its products, offers the MyCare 6 warranty service, an excellent opportunity at no cost for its customers:

  • six-year free warranty on all compressor components (except those subject to wear and tear): from the pumping unit to the motor, from the electrical boxes to the bodywork, pipes and fittings;
  • scheduled maintenance that periodically ensures the necessary checks and keeps the machines in perfect working order;
  • machines serviced by Mattei specialised and certified technicians without any travel or labour costs;
  • replacement of damaged parts exclusively with Mattei original spare parts;
  • use of Mattei original lubricants to ensure constant performance and reliability over time and unlimited duration of the compression unit;
  • support from Mattei Help desk for any requirement or information.

Thanks to the innovative MyCare programme, for six years Mattei takes care of the compressor maintenance: no worries, no downtime, original spare parts and professional technicians guaranteed, as well as costs always under control!

Mattei Original Spare Parts

We keep spares in stock

Mattei original spare parts undergo rigorous performance evaluation and quality management programme to ensure optimal operation of the air compressors.

Mattei also maintains high quality standards in the design and production of spare parts for its compressors. Using Mattei original spare parts means safeguarding the correct operation of your machinery and maximizing your return on investment when purchasing your compressor, while the use of parts from other manufacturers cannot guarantee the same Mattei quality standards and may damage air compressor components.

Installing non-original Mattei spare parts may void the warranty on the rotary vane compressor.

Approved Service Providers

Gauteng Area:

casCAS Services: Johan (Chomp) van Wyk, Mobile : 083 320 4722, Office : 0163620883, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.