Mattei ERC 500-1000 Series Compressors


Mattei's rotary vane compressors of the 500-1000 series, with installed powers from 4 to 22 kW, are the ideal solution for small/medium industry compressed air needs.


Available in ERC version, they come complete with automatic flow rate control at constant pressure, aftercooler and electronic condensate drain. The machines have an extremely compact design, are easy to install and offer a reliable operation and constant performance through time.

They are complete and ready to use compressed air centres. These silent and reliable compressors are available in different versions; ERCS: the compressor is installed on a horizontal receiver. ERCSE: the compressor is connected to a refrigerant thermal mass dryer and installed on a receiver. This installation provides quality air without oil and water (Pressure dew point +3°C).