Rotary Vane Xtreme (RVX)


The MATTEI® Rotary Vane Xtreme (RVX) Series represents the next frontier in the XTREME revolution of energy efficient fixed-speed air compressors. These 50 hertz, direct-drive compressors use a solid-state electronic starter to slowly come up to speed.


Also referred to as a “soft starter” it softens the shock to the drive train upon starting to reduce stress and wear on the components. In operation, our legendary “bearingless” airends rotate at just 1.500 rpm without the use of high maintenance belts or energy robbing gears.

The slower a compressor runs, the longer it lasts. RVX Series runs about 50% slower than what you’ll find in most competitive fixed-speed air compressor designs.

Discover RVX Series, the next generation of long-lasting, single-stage, 55÷90 kW, fixed-speed air compressors from Mattei - the world leader in rotary vane technology.