RVX 55-90i Range


The RVX 55-90i range is equipped with IE3 and IE4 classified, energy-efficiency motors.

In combination with variable speed compressors, governed by an inverter, energy-savings in excess of 30%, as such, they achieve an efficiency class for the package similar to IE5.


Built without the use of magnets, the motors exhibit low environmental impact whilst incorporating robust construction features - suitable for working at high temperatures and without the risk of demagnetization.

Maestro XC is a fully integrated compressor control device, meeting the requirements of IoT Industry 4.0. Thanks to the remote-control feature via the Mattei Cloud internet portal, the operator can interact with the installation in an easy, and direct way. Access to the portal and control panel is via customized password or via a convenient autorun hardware key.

Integrated into the oil circuit and directly regulated by the Maestro XC controller, the new electronic thermostatic-valve ensures optimum machine operation in any operating condition.

Maestro XC monitors both the in-coming air temperature and the compressed air temperature, thus preventing the risk of condensation even in areas with high humidity.